Selfie in My Best Bathrobe

Did you know that a dressing gown or bath-robe is transformed from clothing to use in the bathroom to stylish and modern fashion trends to make you look sexy and also to post amazing pictures to their social network?

best bathrobe

Nowadays many hotels encourage this by having wide-range stylish robes where the guests can choose from it. It helps the hotels to get more clients at the same time they also get popular since it’s way of indirect advertising.

Just to show how trendy this has become there over 100,000 photos on Instagram with the hashtag #bathrobe. This fashion trending is not going down anytime soon. Especially most of these photos with bathrobe are taken using a selfie.

Even I like this trend that’s the reason whenever I get time I take a quick selfie in my bathrobe and post it to my followers. It gives a rugged and handsome look. Nowadays, kids, men and women all of them are involved in this fashion statement.

Is there are perfect bathrobe for you?

You might ask this question, and it’s perfectly reasonable. In today’s market, there is robe available for each of you for the perfect robe. Robes also come from various price range from $50 to $500.

It also comes variety of design, materials and sizes. One of the most popular bathrobe brands is TowelSelections, and it’s good option to check it before looking into any other brand.

So when are you going to get your bathrobe?